In September, Telstra shutdown the 1194 Australian talking clock after 66 years.

To keep a bit of Australian phone history alive I've recreated it. Naturally it's on extension 1194 internally, but I've also pointed numbers to it covering timezones across Australia:

02 9099 4494 – Sydney/Melbourne/etc
07 3667 9594 – Brisbane
08 6244 3294 – Perth
08 7078 7794 – Adelaide
08 7918 0808 – Darwin

That was a fun little project!

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@shaun how'd you get it working? What are you running it on? Do you have a writeup? Tell us all the things!!!!


@GigaByte4711 It's running on an Asterisk machine using an AGI script that I wrote.

The "strokes" are synchronised to NTP with up to a 25ms delay due to the sleep loop between playing the prompts and sounding the strokes at the appropriate 10 second interval.

I don't have a writeup yet but am planning on publishing one over the next couple of days.

It's popular. A few hundred calls today already and I haven't even published the numbers that widely!


Please do give me a buzz when you get it written up! I'd like to replicate it on my own asterisk server.

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