*taps mic*
It's been a while. Nothing like a ban from Twitter for saying Memphis to get me seeing what's happening on Mastodon!

Still hard to believe that this was almost a year ago. The last time I travelled - playing Plague on a cruise ship.

If only I knew back then...

Quite disappointed to read about these auDA rule changes that are coming in that will also be applied to existing registrations. Don't meet the new rules even though you did when your domain was registered? Your domain can't be renewed.

I will no longer be using .au domains.

On my way to the office wearing my favourite work shirt. Happy Friday!

Being an introverted motorcycle rider during a time when we're being asked to avoid unnecessary human contact is fabulous.

I've ridden about 1,200km in the past week and am discovering just how beautiful Sydney and regional NSW is.

I was pretty excited to go past a photographer on my motorbike this weekend, so I got in touch and bought the photo that was taken.

I finally have a decent action shot of me on my MT-07!

Just got home from a motorbike ride up Putty Road.

The devastation of the fires really needs to be seen to be believed. Itโ€™s like riding through the apocalypse. Everything is dead - and not a bird or other animal in sight.

Even the road signs had melted.

Lunch at Grey Gum was great though!

Just got my Last.fm report for 2019. I leave music on at home when I'm travelling for my cat Sybil, so they're my top artists and albums for 2019 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I went overseas for a few weeks over Christmas. Ever since I got back my cat Sybil hasn't left my side.

She doesn't use her beds anymore. She has to sit next to me on the couch, and comes into bed for hugs before falling asleep next to me.

It has been nice!

It's a little bit smoky in Sydney this morning.

The ride to the office is going to suck!

In September, Telstra shutdown the 1194 Australian talking clock after 66 years.

To keep a bit of Australian phone history alive I've recreated it. Naturally it's on extension 1194 internally, but I've also pointed numbers to it covering timezones across Australia:

02 9099 4494 โ€“ Sydney/Melbourne/etc
07 3667 9594 โ€“ Brisbane
08 6244 3294 โ€“ Perth
08 7078 7794 โ€“ Adelaide
08 7918 0808 โ€“ Darwin

That was a fun little project!

Air intake on my helmet after a few days of riding in bushfire smoke. ๐Ÿคฎ

"It's 6:30. Why aren't you up yet?" as Sybil leaps up from the floor onto my stomach and I wake up winded.

After reading 2600 on and off since I was about 11 years old (I'm 35 now) I finally bought a digital subscription with the backlog included.

It has provided weeks of reading and I'm only up to 1996!

Three months ago I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident.

I've finally gotten off crutches and am now back on the road again. Words cannot describe how good it feels.

Still a bit of a journey ahead before I'm fixed, but at least my life is returning to normal.

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