It's a little bit smoky in Sydney this morning.

The ride to the office is going to suck!

@GigaByte4711 It's running on an Asterisk machine using an AGI script that I wrote.

The "strokes" are synchronised to NTP with up to a 25ms delay due to the sleep loop between playing the prompts and sounding the strokes at the appropriate 10 second interval.

I don't have a writeup yet but am planning on publishing one over the next couple of days.

It's popular. A few hundred calls today already and I haven't even published the numbers that widely!

In September, Telstra shutdown the 1194 Australian talking clock after 66 years.

To keep a bit of Australian phone history alive I've recreated it. Naturally it's on extension 1194 internally, but I've also pointed numbers to it covering timezones across Australia:

02 9099 4494 โ€“ Sydney/Melbourne/etc
07 3667 9594 โ€“ Brisbane
08 6244 3294 โ€“ Perth
08 7078 7794 โ€“ Adelaide
08 7918 0808 โ€“ Darwin

That was a fun little project!

Air intake on my helmet after a few days of riding in bushfire smoke. ๐Ÿคฎ

@Bluedepth Not a problem - glad it's useful. Feedback like yours is what makes running it worthwhile! :)

@kemonine I don't think so. I had a bit of notification overload when I first got a smart watch and turned most of them off.

Only calls and SMS come through now. Everything else including email, Slack, etc. waits until I look at my phone.

@skynebula For short trips I use roaming mobile data. My mobile carrier (Telstra) tunnels all data back to Australia so you can browse without the "great firewall".

I've also found some of the major hotels tend to route their Internet traffic via HK/etc so it's not subject to the firewall.

I have also had more success connecting to the VPN endpoint I run at home, rather than commercial VPN providers which tend to be blocked.

Otherwise it can be hit and miss. Tor is blocked.

@sikkdays Nope. I really only make calls on my smart phone when I'm out.

At home or in the office, I much prefer using a normal phone handset.

@thomasfuchs Haha. I found the backups of my old BBS last week along with all the door games I had licenses for (LORD, TW2002, etc).

I've been toying with the idea of putting it back online.

"It's 6:30. Why aren't you up yet?" as Sybil leaps up from the floor onto my stomach and I wake up winded.

@kemonine I have a Surface Pro 6 now, but prior to that had a SP4. Brilliant devices and have been my daily for a while now. It goes everywhere with me.

My only wish is that they had 4G/LTE built in so I don't have to carry a portable hotspot.

After reading 2600 on and off since I was about 11 years old (I'm 35 now) I finally bought a digital subscription with the backlog included.

It has provided weeks of reading and I'm only up to 1996!

Three months ago I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident.

I've finally gotten off crutches and am now back on the road again. Words cannot describe how good it feels.

Still a bit of a journey ahead before I'm fixed, but at least my life is returning to normal.

Reading with some amusement how the luddites in the Australian government think they can get telcos to retain MAC addresses of all devices.

If only they knew how IP works. Good luck getting the MAC of any device behind my router.

Onboard B19. My first time on a new Waratah Series 2. Still has that โ€œnew train smellโ€.

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