@sikkdays Nope. I really only make calls on my smart phone when I'm out.

At home or in the office, I much prefer using a normal phone handset.

@thomasfuchs Haha. I found the backups of my old BBS last week along with all the door games I had licenses for (LORD, TW2002, etc).

I've been toying with the idea of putting it back online.

"It's 6:30. Why aren't you up yet?" as Sybil leaps up from the floor onto my stomach and I wake up winded.

@kemonine I have a Surface Pro 6 now, but prior to that had a SP4. Brilliant devices and have been my daily for a while now. It goes everywhere with me.

My only wish is that they had 4G/LTE built in so I don't have to carry a portable hotspot.

After reading 2600 on and off since I was about 11 years old (I'm 35 now) I finally bought a digital subscription with the backlog included.

It has provided weeks of reading and I'm only up to 1996!

Three months ago I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident.

I've finally gotten off crutches and am now back on the road again. Words cannot describe how good it feels.

Still a bit of a journey ahead before I'm fixed, but at least my life is returning to normal.

Reading with some amusement how the luddites in the Australian government think they can get telcos to retain MAC addresses of all devices.

If only they knew how IP works. Good luck getting the MAC of any device behind my router.


Onboard B19. My first time on a new Waratah Series 2. Still has that “new train smell”.

‪Sitting home alone in the dark and the light for the phone in the home office comes on.‬

‪I jumped with thoughts of that old urban legend where the murderer calls from within the house.‬

‪Turns out someone just dialed the direct number for the handset by mistake.‬

@clerie I'm doing exactly that on mine (and followed that guide). Seems to be working just fine!

@bcshort Yes! The only reason I've even had a Yahoo account since they introduced that requirement in ~2007 was for Flickr!

The best thing about work from home days is having Sybil the sitting next to you.

She has fancy beds but this old towel is her favourite.

I'm Shaun. I live in Sydney, Australia.

During the day I do cloud computing projects for large enterprises.

After hours I love tech, travel, architecture, good food+wine, and getting out and about on my motorcycle.

I have a 12 year old named Sybil who I adore.

I've recently taken an interest in a POSSE approach to my content, and finally got around to setting up my own Mastodon instance.

I post less than I should on my web site at shaun.net/

You are home. Why haven’t you fed me yet? I’m just going to sit here and glare at you until you do so.

@aral Looks good. I use note taking apps but live off my "scratch.txt" during the day - and FromScratch is nice and unobtrusive.

Looking forward to trying out Visual Studio 2019 shortly.

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